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By vivre in it, personal experience

Few days back, I posted URGENT help notice on the PC problems that I have been facing. Other than here, I also posted up the problem at LYN. (I was actually looking that particular post, but I think it has been deleted.. Hmm)

Many peoples contributed with ideas and suggestions; looked into harddisk, reset BIOS, etc.. And I am glad to let all of you know that the problem has been SOLVED! I would like thank those peoples who dropped by and chipped in their suggestion; LOKI and AZHAR. 🙂

It seemed that the problem was coming from the overclock profile that I have been using for the past two years. After reseting them to default setting (with very minimal changes on the BIOS), I managed to boot into Win7 with single card setting. I was so glad when I spotted Win7 desktop.

I quickly re-installed latest nVidia drivers, along with its Physx drivers. Also, re-installed my MSI Afterburner 🙂

Next, 3D Mark 11. And, the result? The score was within the MOSTLIKELY score of GTX460, which is about 3000. In comparison, previously, the score was about 2200. That translated into 900 of increase in benchmark score. And also, NFS Hot Pursuit ran smoothly and perfectly without those jerky framerates. I am delighted!


Again, thank you guys! You guys rockk!

Now, it’s time to look for that ‘sweet spot‘ again.. huhu!


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UNIFI Tips #1

By vivre in it, personal experience, product review, tips

I had great experience with UNIFI in the first 10 days. Everything was fast, you just name it; youtube HD streaming, big files downloading, heavy website loading, etc. There was absolutely nothing that I could complaint and think of. However, there was something that really bothered me, the VDSL modem was running extremely hot as it was a flat cooker instead of modem. Seriously, I kid you not. I was really worried that it may burnt or kaput as I usually left my internet connection running most of the time. In fact, with UNIFI having 5Mbps upload bandwidth, I am planning to leave it running 24/7/365 instead. There are so many things that you can do with that amount of upload bandwidth, ngeh2!
Anyway, coming back to the topic. I had some serious problem connecting to UNIFI last week. I found out that the ‘earth’ icon at DIR-65 turned orange, from the ‘good’ green. I spent the next 30 minutes doing my own troubleshooting, including reseting the DIR-65 router setting and reconfigured. I also did try the direct connection (UNIFI VLAN Forwarder), as suggested by RIZ. Yet the problem was still there. Obviously, the problem was not at my side then. Quickly I rang up the Unifi technical support.

On the next working day, UNIFI Support Team gave me a call and both of us agreed on an appointment. On the said date, they did come sharp on time; 1.30 p.m. and they spent the next 3 hours trying to pin down the problems. They started their investigative works from the UNIFI box, outside my apartment. Later, they moved up to the SERVER room inside my apartment, and also next, to the CABLE room at my apartment’s level. Unfortunately for them and me, none of those troubleshooting has worked. Finally, they came into my house with the old VDSL modem (white and bulky). He quickly completed the cabling and voila, the internet was back online! He then quickly swapped my black HUAWEI modem with new unit to verify the finding, guess what…. It really worked! It was clear that the culprit was the HUAWEI modem. Hampeh! He was also shocked to discover this. According to him, most UNIFI users would only have problem with their orange DLINK router.

So my prior concern was valid. Unfortunately, I neglected my concern and assumed it would be OK. Serve me right, kan? Hehe
Learning this lesson the hard way, I have thought of some ‘cool’ idea. In fact, it is cool, literally. Thanks to the USB port in front of the DLINK router. The next day, during lunch hour @ Ampang Park, I stopped by computer shop to get the USB-powered notebook cooling pad! The price was a bargain, only RM6. Trust me, it is THAT cheap!
Check out my previous UNIFI setup:


And now, it is cooled by the CHEAP, yet COOL cooling pad! Haha!


Please take note of this, the brilliant USB PORT (red-circled below). I likeee~~ Without this useful port, I would find problem to get the juice for the cooling pad. Hehe


So guys, I am advising and recommending those UNIFI users, to install this simple, yet effect cooling solution. Both devices are now running cool, yet quiet. You may need to bear with the blue LEDs, or perhaps you could scout around for the LEDless pad. Hint: PC Fair is coming soon in April ’11.

In my opinion, although the VDSL modem unit has lifetime warranty, I would prefer proactive solution than active solution i.e. waiting for them to come and fix it. No downtime please.. That’s all!



Image credit (1): USB Port

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