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By vivre in it, personal experience

Few days back, I posted URGENT help notice on the PC problems that I have been facing. Other than here, I also posted up the problem at LYN. (I was actually looking that particular post, but I think it has been deleted.. Hmm)

Many peoples contributed with ideas and suggestions; looked into harddisk, reset BIOS, etc.. And I am glad to let all of you know that the problem has been SOLVED! I would like thank those peoples who dropped by and chipped in their suggestion; LOKI and AZHAR. 🙂

It seemed that the problem was coming from the overclock profile that I have been using for the past two years. After reseting them to default setting (with very minimal changes on the BIOS), I managed to boot into Win7 with single card setting. I was so glad when I spotted Win7 desktop.

I quickly re-installed latest nVidia drivers, along with its Physx drivers. Also, re-installed my MSI Afterburner 🙂

Next, 3D Mark 11. And, the result? The score was within the MOSTLIKELY score of GTX460, which is about 3000. In comparison, previously, the score was about 2200. That translated into 900 of increase in benchmark score. And also, NFS Hot Pursuit ran smoothly and perfectly without those jerky framerates. I am delighted!


Again, thank you guys! You guys rockk!

Now, it’s time to look for that ‘sweet spot‘ again.. huhu!


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