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Calling all techies/g33kies out there.. I have a problem for you to solve.. And, I really appreciate if any one of you could help me.. I’ve been trying to solve it for months and yet,ย I’mย still not able to fix it..


What has happened?

About 3 months ago, it was quite late in the night. I was playing NFS:Hot Pursuits on my PC when suddenly I received a phone call, which somehow required me to go somewhere. Thinking that I would be returning back on the same night, I left the PC on PAUSE mode (pressed escape button which brought up the in-game menu). Unfortunately, there was an emergency and it has resulted in me returning home after about 2 days. When I reached home, I notice that the PC was still running. Unfortunately the monitor was out of display (completely dark with the LED power blinking) i.e. as if the cable was not connected to the VGA card. I was quite shocked and quickly give it a hard shutdown.

After leaving it for about 30 minutes, I turned back the PC on and guess what, the similar thing was still there i.e. the display went dark. Quickly, I shut it off and pulled out the BIOS battery to reset the CMOS. Fortunately, the PC went back to normal after the basic configuration at CMOS. I also managed to get back into Windows. Phew!

The next day, as usual as I was trying to get my NFS daily dose, I had a big surprise. The frame rates were not as smooth as before. Since NFS is a racing game where everything moves fast, these jerky gameplay was really an annoying thing to look at. I simply gave up and went straight to bed. The next day, I came back early from office with only one purpose, to troubleshoot the issue and fix it ASAP. Now, before I shared the things that I have done, let me share with you the basic info of my system.

CPU: Q6600 2.4Ghz running @ 3.4 GHz
Mobo: Asus P5K
RAM: 2 x 2GB Team Xtreem
Graphic card: Asus GeForce GTX 460 1GB TOP in PCIe 16Xย & Gigabit 8800GT 512 MB in PCIe 4X (both are running in nvidia multi-card setup, as shown below. The left is 8800GT and the right is 460GTX)

For your info, the multi-card setup allows you to dedicate one of the lower spec card to run as your Psyhx card. In my case, I used 8800GT as my Physx card to get better framerate in Mafia 2, and it really helped as advertised by nVidia. No complaint! Big thumbs up to Nvidia ๐Ÿ™‚

In addition to information above, please also take note that Im using original Windows 7 Home Premium, and the NFS:Hot Pursuit copy is legit. Therefore the problems here, were not originating from some pirated softwares/OS.


What I have done so far?

a. Reinstalled NFS:Hot Pursuit
Problem not solved, jerky gameplay was still there ๐Ÿ™


b. Redownloaded the nVidia driver, and re-installed.
Problem not solved, jerky gameplay was still there ๐Ÿ™


c. Reset the BIOS and reboot
Problem not solved, jerky gameplay was still there ๐Ÿ™


d. Reset the BIOS and take out 8800GT card, leaving only 460GTX as primary card (as shown below)

This one turned out to be a bit different from what I have experience at above. I can’t even load into my Win7. It simply stuck at the boot screen (shown below). Very annoying. I repeated step a and b (as above) without 8800GT and still, I didn’t manage to get into Win7. Tried also other boot options: Last Know Good Configuration and even the Safe Mode has also failed.


e. Reformat my Win7
I then decided for the extreme and ultimate solution (I thought lah..) by formatting my Win7 through clean install. And guess what, even with that my Win7 couldnt load. What I found funny and confusing was, right after I re-plugged in 8800GT next to 460GTX, the windows loaded properly like there was nothing wrong with the OS. I was so puzzled and confused. It seemed that 8800GT is required and a must to get the PC and Windows running.


f. Ran benchmark on 3DMark11
This completely puzzled me again. I found out that with SIMILAR setup, I was at the 2nd last group; the typical score was about 2700, but I’m getting around 2100 only. That’s quite a gap, considering SIMILAR setup.


Now what??
I don’t know what else to do. I’ve been trying to get it fixed but the same thing/result happened. I was quite frustated. Not only I didnt manage finish the game, I also couldn’t run other game properly. My Team Fortress 2 ran fine only for 15 minutes when suddenly Windows reported driver error. It is really frustrating, seriously. I can’t also offload my HD playback processing to my GPU, as it would report driver error after few minutes of playback.

What really puzzles me is why I couldn’t return back to original single card setup? If my 460GTX is problematic, there is no artifact found during gaming. Is my mobo already kaput? >.<

Thanks for dropping by and Im looking forward for some good advices. Thanks!

I just carried out benchmark test on my primary hard disk using Harddist Tune. Please find the results as follow:



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  1. dude, change ur hard drive.

  2. Dude, I think my hard disk is working fine. Anyway, please find the benchmark as attached above. It’s still running solid.. >.<

  3. try stress test super pi, to rule out cpu

  4. azhar:

    try stress test super pi, to rule out cpu

    Thanks dude. I did something and now the problem solved. Will run the Super PI test to test the new OC setting..

    Thank you all! You guys rock!

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