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Pheww!! It has been months since I posted something here.. Obviously, nothing interesting has really happened, hence the hiatus (pretty lame reason, huh?)

Anyway, in few post backs, I shared my personal experience with Torrent, and the alternative to get around its weaknesses. Here, I am planning to share on something that I just recently signed up. But before that, let me share on the incidents that led me to this. Who knows, you might be having similar scenario as we speak. 😀

It all started when I was desperate, looking for this particular file from the internet. Thanks to Pakcik Google, I managed to get a working link, but I was turned off when I discovered the file was hosted by HOTFILE. What makes things become even worse; there was no other mirror link and I don’t have the premium account for Hotfile >.< One knows that it is VERY expensive to maintain several premium account at one go. Just thought of sharing with you the fee for one month;

Rapidshare – 6.99 – RM 30

Megaupload – USD10 – RM 33

Hotfile – USD 9 – RM 30

Netload – 8 – RM35 – 7.99 – RM35

To simplify thing, you will need to pay roughly about RM 130 per month to maintain the premium accesses to all the filehosting site. That is madness! There is no way that I am going to set aside that amount of cash monthly! Absurd!

My frustration led me to Service Noticeboard @ Lowyat. And this is where I got my solution to this problem; DLNext service.

DLNext service started several months back and I knew it since I was selected to become the beta testers. I found the speed was very stable and lightning fast. However, since I did not have any pressing reasons to get one, I just simply quit after the trial expired. Looking at current scenario, where the uploaders have started to upload somewhere else, there is a need for me to find alternatives to this.

Taken from DLNext page:

DLNext is a transfer/storage script for use on various popular download sites
Supported: Rapidshare/Megaupload/Depositfiles/Hotfile/Netload/FileFactory/Megashares/ at the moment.

DLNext transfers files from Rapidshare/Megaupload/Depositfiles/Hotfile/Netload/FileFactory/Megashares/ to our servers and dumps the file on our server.
Premium users may then download these files from our server anytime later.

They got some pretty good server too..

Server Specification (SV1 & SV2)
# Processor – Phenom II X4 810 (4 x 2,6 Ghz)
# Memory – 8 GByte DDR2 800
# Hard Disk – 2 x 1 TByte SATA II (RAID0)
# OS – Linux Debian 5.0 (codenamed Lenny)
# Webserver – Lighttpd
# Network – 1 GBit onboard
# Traffic – 100 Mbit unmetered
# Server Location – Europe.

And the T&C ( I suggest you to read all of this, before signing up)

Guarantee below : –
# Can download any things, 100% privacy
# No storage days limitation, keep as long your account still active
# Support Forum
# Either HTTP or FTP Download.
# Server is open for public and everyone can join
# Chinese characters are supported
# Pass protection Megaupload can be downloaded.

Supported Filehosting : –
# Rapidshare, Megaupload, Netload, Hotfile, Depositfiles, Filefactory,, Megashares,, Easy-Share, MediaFire.

Traffic Limit : –
# Rapidshare 7GB/Daily Individual
# Filefacotry & DepositFiles (12GB/Daily Shared among all user)
# Megaupload, Netload, Hotfile,, Megashares,, Easy-Share, MediaFire (UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD)

Range of speed (FILEHOSTING to SERVER) : –
# We cannot guarantee it’ll be HighSpeed.
# Range 300KB/s – 7MB/s

Range of speed (SERVER to PC) : –
# Max speed.
# Max concurrent connection: 24 including surfing DLNext & Downloading to PC.

Terms and Conditions: –
# No refunds.
# Shared account is allowed. (Not more than 2 user including urself)
# No remote-upload (Permanent BAN)
# No sharing links to non-subscriber (Permanent BAN)

And finally, the package:

DLNext Premium Service PACKAGE
Inclusive: 20GB Storage , Unlimited download to PC , 24 Max Concurrent.
7 days premium account – RM10
1 month premium account – RM30
3 months premium account – RM80
6 months premium account – RM150

Additional storage 10GB = RM10/month (At least 10GB)

Why I chose them?
1. He is a reliable service provider; the thread has already reached 142 pages loonoooog…

2. Based on the comments from the users, he has been providing very fast service!

3. There are lots of positive feedback on the server uptime and reliability.

4. For a start, 20GB storage is HUGE! 🙂

5. You gained premium access to SEVEN file hosting under one account; that is RM100 cheaper (and will be way cheaper if we talk about monthts of subcription)

6. Fast transfer speed from Server to PC, i.e. I maxed out my access speed to 1.5 Mbps

7. My good experience during the beta test

8. It uses the famous rapidleech script, which I have been using for quite some time already on my shared server. So, there is almost no learning curve for me 🙂

He took about 5 minutes (from the moment I made my payment) to configure my account. Was it fast? ABSOLUTE YES! 🙂 He then gave me the login server details along with my login details. Without hesitance, I logged into the server:

DLNext Login Page

The login page looks very simple and neat, so you could expect the loading page to be extremely fast.


Above, is the main page of DLNext. Simple, yet informative. And, you doesn’t need to be a TechG33K to get around the interface, as it is very user-friendly and pretty straightforward. Just head to AutoDownload section to dump your links for downloading purpose.

DLNext Download Page

I decided to give try, i.e. downloaded several files from HotFile server. It turned out to be really good; downloading at 6.5 Mbps speed. Very impressive! 🙂

And finally, the ultimate test, download speed from the DLNext server to the PC. Let`s see whether it lives up to expectation.. 🙂

Downloading the file from server back to PC.

NICE! It almost maxed out my access speed (1.5Mbps).

The Conclusion: The only drawback of this service is you could download one file at a time from RS/MU/HF to the server, but this setback is counter-balanced with lightning downloading speed. So, I have no issue on that. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service. I believe I may terminate my RS premium account later and add 10GB to DLNext storage space to provide some breathing room (buffer). With this sort of speed, coupled with responsive and excellent customer support (did I tell you, he added me into his YM so that I can just ask him question straight away), I believe DLNext is here to stay. I hereby recommend to those who are looking forward to subscribe to any of the filehosting server, to stop and look at what DLNext has to offer. I bet you it is really worth it!

p/s: Oh crap, my 1.5 TB of harddisk is almost full…

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