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By vivre in blablabla, it

Last week I was tasked to come out with a teaser trailer for upcoming event of PEB Club. Initially, I was a bit reluctant to volunteer, but somehow that day, gatal sangat mulut neh I suggested something and started drawing the storyline on the whiteboard. Hahaha! And guess what, everyone seemed to like the idea. Adehhh! Honestly, I was expecting feedback to further improvise, but since nobody added anything, I just took the discussion offline with the rest of the promotion team.. And eventually, simply proceed with the working out the trailer that night.. And ladies and gentleman, this is the result!

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Theme and colour: I purposely picked up Black and White as the theme colour to make it simple and less ‘busy’. And, since it is a teaser clip, I added some ‘mysterious’ element by having special sound effect (my favourite, typical lightning sound).

Song: If you could hear it carefully, it is part of latest Transformer’s soundtrack (Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen). The title? NEST, by Steve Jablonsky. For those who went to watch it last year, the song was played in the early part of the movie. When I first listened to it, I immediately fall in love with this song as the rhythm is nice, same goes to the music arrangements. Double thumbs up!! However, since it is 2-minutes long, I did some sound editing (i.e. clipping and overlapping) to make it shorter, but yet full with impact and full with mystery (hahahaha, sound like poyo plak).

Softwares: My favourite video editor, as always, Sony Vegas! 🙂 Highly recommended to others, be it beginner or intermediate level. You can browse through youtube for useful tutorials. I have used this particular software (coupled with Adobe After Effects) to come out with officiating montage of PE Forum. Excellent combo! 🙂

Style: My main idea was to reveal the wording, letter by letter in the first part of the trailer. Later, the wordings were scrambled so that people will rajin enough to calculate be able to know how many words are contained in the montage.

Feedbacks? Hahaha, this is quite tricky. Some likes it very much! And for some, they kinda hate it as it is rather confusing. Well, I can’t please everybody, but in my honest opinion, as long as majority of them are OK, then I am happy enough. Plus, it was a one-night-quality of work! >.<
Again, feel free to add your comment! And, teaser trailer #2 is coming out soon too! Stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. nice nice

    good work kemals!

  2. hahaha, biasa jer dude… one night nyer keja.. ;p
    tq for droppping by pal

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