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I still remember, I was 9 when my father brought back home Micro Genius. It was quite popular during those times, and the games came in form of cartridges (Nintendo was adapting the same concept, but their cartridges were of course, not interchangeable). We had two cartridges; 18 games in 1 and Super Contra (honestly, this game was super awesome!). My brothers and I were excited to have this new toy, and in fact my father also joined us. It was sort of family’s hobby lar. Our family favorite’s game were Battle City (my mom loved this,haha) and Bomberman (my dad’s favourite). We had great laugh and fun too. Sometimes, during weekends of Ramadhan, all of us didn’t sleep after the Sahur to play the games. Mak was quite understanding and ‘sporting‘ that she went to borrow game cartridge from her friends (cayalah Mak :D).

However, Micro Genius was not that ‘genius’ after all. Later, we started to notice that our TV’s screen slowly turned yellowish ;( Initially, the yellowish effect was temporary, but later it became permanent. Abah explained that the culprit was the console, and asked us to play sparingly (only during school holidays). Otherwise, we will make the kedai repair TV kaya plak need to keep on sending the TV for repair, which was troublesome, and expensive too. So, from almost every weekend, it went to just few times a year. Most of the times, it became dust collector. It was hard to swallow, but what to do kan?

Not long after that, Sony revolutionized the industry by introducing PlayStation, which uses disc rather that cartridge. Being a typical kid, I felt that it was the best thing to have. In fact, I used to keep a dream of having one in home. LOL! (though I know Abah confirm tak beli kan lah.. Haha!). In Soksek, things started to change; I accidentally indugle myself in PC Gaming, which turned out to be better! (cait, alasan jer, padahal sbb utama adalah karena tak mampu nak beli PS) Starcraft, Red Alert, Duke Nukem were among my all-time-favourites.

PS2 was introduced in 2000 and I kept the same wish too; to own one when Im in campus. However, in UTP, I found that reasons to stick to PC Gaming are stronger; UTP network FTW! UTP gamers rocks! Thanks to my sponsor, I manage to build decent gaming rig. It was powered by AMD Athlon 1800+ and GeForce Ti 4400 (Titanium series was the 2nd top VGA card laa masa tuh, to the extend that ada sorang neh sanggup jd kelawar kat PC aku to finish up Mafia The Game). So, the dream that I used to have, was slowly fading and hilang entah ke mana… Haha!

Somewhere in 2004 to 2005, industry gaming became interesting. Microsoft was to beef up the challenges with Sony’s PS3, by introducing XBOX 360. And that childish dream came again. LOL! I was attracted by some of the key functions; HD Movies (be it BD or HD DVD), online gaming, wireless controllers, built-in harddisk, downloadable content (DLC) and more console-exclusive games. Mmg jaw-dropping abis lah! In fact, I used to put aside some money, hoping that someday down the road, I could own PS3, but somehow, it never manage to reach the target.. Hahaha! (kesah neh macam lagu ‘Apa Nak Jadi by SM Salim jer..)

And now..

After years of waiting…

… wishing

… dreaming

The dream that I thought would never be true..

… is made possible!!

Thanks again sayang for the present! πŸ™‚

Introducing ….. (drumroll)

My PS3 !! *yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*

It`s here for REAL!

Unboxing the package .. *yeayyyyy*


XMB (Xross Media Bar in action) *yeayyy*


Number of games, as appetizer.. *yeahhhhh*


Anyone to accompany me? πŸ™‚


Shout-out to Effi: Dude, seriously im still on PC ok, this thing is just for the exclusive game title jer lah.. πŸ™‚

Shout-out to Jeme and Butet: sila tunjuk ajar!! πŸ˜€

So, does the title.. The Return of Console Gaming ! LOL!

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7 Responses

  1. congrats…… welcome to the dark side. may i suggest killzone?

    damnn.. sudah maju

  2. pakleh11/08/2009 @ 12:52 am

    agak impressive btol cara ko nk “showoff” ps3 ko ek….

    takpe mal, aku pun tgh tunggu syg aku belikan…. eheheheee….

  3. Effi: thanks for the suggestion,pal! will surely find that game after I finish up my Naruto and LBP πŸ˜€

    Pakleh: haha, bkan showoff ah,sharing happy news with kengkawan πŸ™‚ how are you doing buddy? hehe

  4. Azwa28/08/2009 @ 2:33 pm

    cool cool cool
    nanti aku wat post Wii kiteorg eh..dh upgrade beli Training Mat hehehe..boleh nari2

  5. wah2, leh ah bersenam sambil bermain game πŸ˜€

    mana post nya azwa.. blog ko dah bersawang tuh! πŸ˜€

  6. walaweh…
    best giler dpt ps3

  7. MC:

    best giler dpt ps3

    Itu laa.. hati pun berbunga2! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Dah lama giler tunggu kot.. hehe ;p

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