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By vivre in blablabla

How sad it is..

Frankly speaking, I was shocked to discover that page yesterday.. I didn’t expect it to happen at all, since it is backed by well-known giant company, Yahoo! It was taken over at relatively higher price in 1999; leading to a speculation that Yahoo! had bigger plan for Geocities. And, exactly 10 years down the road, they are calling it a day.. and pulling the plug. How pathetic,seriously.. 🙁

I could still remember my old days with Geocities. In fact, it gave me tremendous and priceless experience in developing a website from scratch(frameset, img, hr, a href…). I started small; with simple HTML coding and custom FLASH contents (thanks to my sifu, Obefiend). Even my sifu was using Geocities. That era was awesome, I must say; free FTP service, huge webspace, multimedia support, etc. What else you were looking for… And, for the record, Geocities was the leading free webhosting. Not even Tripod could come close,hence the takeover by Yahoo!

As soon as the news reached me, I quickly re-opened the old website that I first developed. To my surprise, it is still there. OMG. Even Effi’s website is still up. Hahaha! Old memory came in rushing, classic indeed! At a first glance, I couldnt just stop laughing. The design was UGLY, and I still wonder how come it looked OK on my pc.. This is so not fair! Haha. Nothing much has really changed except the screen resolution. Effi’s one still look great; the headphone was awesome, dude. Seriously, I still like it until today.

My 'cute' website.. haha! the most kewlest headphone!Welcome to obefiend's humble beginning

Ya ya.. you guys can start laughing at me.. I know the design is soooooo bad compared to Effi’s! 😉



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  1. ermac29/04/2009 @ 10:23 pm

    ok gak tu, aku smpi skrg x reti buat website..

  2. RIP geocities..

    love ya.btw.. design sampah je tu

  3. Ermac: hi dude! bleh nyer nnt wat… tak pun wat kecil2an jer dulu, amik space tunsyed neh.. ada banyak kosong 😉

    Effi: kewl dowh fi! kita pakai software ape tah nak wat 3d flash.. kire gempak ah time tuh! haha, classic2!

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