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By vivre in blablabla

I am so excited tonight to discover that Prison Break has just resumed its Season 4 today, with episode 17 titled “The Mother Lode”. The show stopped last December, and that means I have been missing my weekly dosage of Prison Break for more than 3 months.. phew !

It is back for REAL !


Can’t wait to watch this fresh new episode of Prison Break. It is even ‘mengujakan’ to know that Im not going to watch it alone as usual.. My beloved wife is also a fan of PB.. wonderful, isn’t it? ~~ 😉

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  1. mrs k22/04/2009 @ 11:25 pm

    pasni kne mnonton smbil mkn eskem la yang…stuju tak? ;p

  2. maliq23/04/2009 @ 11:56 pm

    i wonder when can i get the long lost ‘lost’….heheheheh….

  3. Mrs K: menarik idea ituh ~ Next week k? 😉

    Malique: Dude, datang jer laa… tp roger2 aku dulu k 🙂

  4. layan CSi la kemalz…

  5. Yeap, true.. I do think I need to do a catching-up laa..

    My CSI obsession lost together with my kaput-250GB.. Down terus nak collect and layan smula ;(

    Ko ada smua episode dude?

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