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My 25!

By vivre in blablabla

I have promised that I would reply to her tagging. And here it is! Read on… πŸ˜‰

1. Somehow, blue colour has HUGE influence in my life.. Back in primary school, my class; (1 Biru, 2 Biru, 3 Biru, 4 Biru, 5 Biru and 6 Biru), and my ‘rumah sukan’ was also blue. I thought it was over, but in Soksek, same things happened; 1 Biru – 2 Biru – 3 Biru – 4 Sarjana (all Biru classes were renamed to Sarjana) – 5 Sarjana. And, my rumah sukan; Nilam’s colour is blue. Haha

2. Having said Point 1 above, my favourite colour is blue; most of my shirts/jeans/pants is blue in colour. lol! I would feel awkward if I dun have any blue color attached to me that day πŸ˜‰

3. Back in Soksek (Form 1), I became ‘lead singer’ for my nasyid group during our orientation performance night; it was so bad, that I became ‘bahan umpatan/ejekan’ senior2. Hampeh!

4. Back in Soksek, I love going back to Taiping/Bukit Mertajam in train; it was fun particularly, whenever we cross the Bukit Merah lake. *school-sick*

5. I met with accident several times back in UTP; the funniest one happened right after I sat for an exam paper. Lots of students were crossing the roads. I had some miscalculation in tackling the tight corner, thus the bike hit the divider and I was basically thrown out and ‘bergolek2’.. HAHAHA, the girls were giggling, such a shame!

6. I LOVE laksa; i could finish up 4 full plates of laksa in one seating.. haha!

7. I would use tomyam as my benchmark on my favourite restaurant to check whether it could be my one of my favourite eating spots. Refer this post. πŸ˜‰

8. Literally ‘hot’ meals/drinks are my favorite. But, recently, I ‘tergoda‘ dek my wife’s cold drinks.. Best laa plak.

9. Computer/Gadgets/Computer games are my obsession; I could spend hours reading/reviewing articles over the internet about new gadgets/computer hardwares/games.

10. I broke my left hand as I fell off my bicycle; it took me one month to recover. Consequently, I couldn’t fully bend my left hand now.

11.Β  I am a colour-blind person; had some problem to join my current company initially, but Alhamdulillah He helped me eventually. I am still serving that company as we speak..

12. I met my wife during my company’s induction programme (01/06/06). *blush* We got married 33 months later.. :p

13. Almost drown when I was 15, I thought I was going to die. Alhamdulillah, I managed to ‘kick’ myself up and saved myself.

14. I am perfectionist; sometimes, I hate it so much that it slows me down when it comes to preparing presentation slides; but sometimes it helps me to get the praises from my supervisor

15. Observing things andΒ  making deduction out of it, are my hobby. ‘Teori 3 tahun’ (ask Chet for details) and ‘Ghost Train‘ are some of the ‘products’. HAHA!

16. I enjoy myself helping friends solving problems related to computers (particulary network and software related); I found that it helped to enrich my knowledge, broaden my skill and it made people happy! πŸ™‚

17. Multitasking is my favourite; I found it is stimulating my brain to work harder and keep me fresh too! (and ended-up ‘tdo mati‘ at the end of the day)

18. ‘Butterfingers’ is my all-time-favourite grunge band. Following close behind is ‘Linkin Park’. They accompanied my night stay-up back in Sokek, 3-1/2 hours driving back to Taiping/KL, and when I was in blues~.

19. Prefer BMW over Mercedes coz IMHO, driving the latter makes you look much older. hehe ;p (my beloved wife shares the same idea, haha)

20. Have huge ‘hunger’ over new inventions/’how does it works’ things; so, in order to get my daily dosage of updates, I would tune to Discovery Channel ! πŸ™‚

21. Hardcore fan of Manchester United since high school. When I was in Form 3, I put ‘David Beckham’ label behind my chair. Glory glory Manchester United!

22. Have high respect to those people who have helped me in my life. Would do everything to repay their kindness..

23. Adore macro shots. I just love the details, not matter how gross it is. And, I have dream to shoot one for myself. Hopefully, my rezeki is ‘murah‘ that I could get me one of those macro lens

24. My recent obsession is BluRay-rip movies, and HQ videop clips. 720p is the minimum, 1080p is absolutely yummy2; the picture quality is SUPERIOR! OUTSTANDING! ‘MENGIYURKAN’! Seriously, you guys should give a try

25. Loyalty. I remained loyal to certain brands that have been doing great job to me all this while; nVidia, Samsung LCD monitor, Canon camera, Abit mobo, A4Tech mouse, etc .. πŸ™‚

Phew~ !

I am now tagging; Kakcik, Maksu, Paksu, Effi, Loki, Tesla and Fazz! Im looking forward for your guy’s 25! let me know if you have responed to your tag! =D

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6 Responses

  1. chet27/04/2009 @ 1:15 am

    No. 15: Teori 3 tahun ye? hehe. aku still guna lg teori tu untuk kaitkan dgn org2 yang aku observe ;p

  2. Chet: hey chet, welcome to my blog ;)itu lar, aku pun still pakai gak.. haha

    btw, you are being tagged too chet! πŸ˜‰

  3. eh aku x tau kau color blind. how cool is that.

  4. mrs k28/04/2009 @ 6:39 am

    i so agree with no 22… πŸ™‚

  5. Mrs J: yeap, i was born colour-blind.. bukan kupinta dilahir begitu.. huhu
    sama kesah ngan butet and asang laa, derang pun ada masalah gak nak masuk keja dulu kan.. tp alhamdulillah kami bertiga lepas πŸ™‚

    Mrs K: oh really? that`s my wife.. very good observant.. haha ;p love u!

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