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Mrs. J shared a useful tips on how to browse for spreadsheets in her blog. And, I happen to have something to share here too… Read on! 🙂

It all started last Friday, when suddenly I received a ‘talian-hayat‘ from my colleague, Azy.

“Aku nak anta NOOP to contractors, tapi masalahnya dalam tue ada costing details.”
Oh, aku cadangkan ko, scan as PDF then email
“Tapi nnt besar la plak kan”
Oh, tak2, ko pakai PDF compact, it should work! Takpe2, nnt aku balik opis, aku tolong k

When I got back to my workplace, I found that “scan-to-pdf” approach is no longer practical, as the total page is a whooping 73 pages. And, as far as I know, to be able to edit the PDF, is using Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Hmm, pc ko ada internet access?”
Cantek, meh ke tempat ko

Next, with the help of my all-time-favourite-search-engine, GOOGLE, the “search-and-pin” operation begun. Yes, I found not one, but many of them. Unfortunately, all of them are shareware (read: you need to buy it to access full features), which is pretty useless.

I was about to give up, when suddenly I found wikipage that compile all the softwares related to PDF. NICE! It suggests three sites; PDFescape, PDFfiller and PDFVue. Of all three, only PDFVue manages to pass through the proxy.

I was so excited to finally, discover PDFVue; it is user-friendly, working and most importantly, it`s FREE !!

So, friends, if you happen to have a PDF that requires some editing (rotating/deleting page, or even putting comments), I highly recommend PDFVue. What you need to do, is just to upload your PDF file and do the editing online. Right after you save the changes, you can click DOWNLOAD button, and within minutes (well, still depend on how fast your connection is.. ;p), your edited PDF is ready in your PC. There is no need for installation or any sort of payment. Good luck guys, and happy editing!!

PDFVue frontpage

p/s: Feel free to give a try on other two, and perhaps you can share your experience here! 🙂

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  1. citrus_medica30/04/2009 @ 9:18 am

    ader size limit ker ni?

  2. aku rasa tak ada limit.. ari tue aku test 8MB pun lepas agi.. good luck bro! 😉

  3. bos. u need to upload ur file first. would dat not be kinda dangerous if ur handling working/company related stuff? u’ll never know where the file is being shared to eh?

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