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By vivre in blablabla

I just couldn’t stop laughing when Ajil and I stumbled upon this bunting; it was placed outside Nandos outlet in JJ Wangsa Maju. Both of us agreed that the advertisement was creatively thought of. Nice!


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  1. hu3, nice one… x perasan plak ada bunting nih kat nando’s… bleh apply utk keje part time nih… ngeh3

  2. haha.. itu laa.. try laa paksu.. confirm leh dapat nyer ;p

  3. ala mal.. sikit2 je tu… tetamu no. 1…

    errr.. takde chatting room ke?

  4. Yeahh,thanks nway 😉 😉

    Tak bubuh plak, Maksu.. Nnt2 Mal bubuh 🙂

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