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By vivre in personal experience, product review, tips

Having stayed in Taman Melati (TM) for accumulative of over 3 years, I think I am pretty qualified to share the in-and-out if you were to decide to settle down in TM. Before we start digging into the details, let`s get to know the ‘ABC’ of TM area first. Located in Gombak, TM is a very strategic place considering the amenities and facilities scattering around there. It has TWO RapidKL (formerly known as PutraLine) stations; namely Taman Melati and Terminal Putra. Malay foods, as well as fast foods are easily found, with most of them located near to key locations; gas station, LRT station as well as, along the roads connecting TM to Wangsa Maju, Setapak and Batu Caves.

Location of interesting places in TM

To be honest, foods here are great; u can have almost everything that your mind can think of, plus some other that that u can’t. To help you on this, I have put some landmark. Just go and give a try, especially Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara. Priced at RM5.50/plate, you’ll get a plate of steamed rice, specially-fried chicken (state your prefererence when you place your order; breast or drumstick), specially-brewed sambal and curry-look-alike kuah. And, I would like to give a friendly advice here; do enjoy it only and only when it`s still hot, otherwise the it wont be that kick lahh.. Haha. Amcam? Start gulping alredikah? 🙂 If yes, drive to Masjid Sallehuddin Al-Ayubi and you could locate the stall located close to the mosque. Please refer to the map above. Good luck ! I am fond of tomyam; it becomes my personal benchmark for any new stalls that I go. Spicy and kindness in putting lots of additional stuffs ( not hair or cicak, ok!) are the key criteria of this prasan evaluation of me 🙂 Within TM vicinity, currently I am in love with Tomyam nearby to Shell station. Putra Tomyam (PT) used to be my favorite, but somehow the quality is not there anymore. Perhaps, the ridiculously-overpriced foods has made them lost the ‘touch’.  One of the facts that bother me; while other stalls are still charging RM1 for a place of white rice, dengan suka hati nya they charged RM1.50 for a plate, and RM 1.00 for half plate. Shame on you, PT !! Please think of others and not your perut only lah!

For those who are planning to send their clothes for laundry,I could recommend one great shop; wise price and it has great customer services (free sweets while waiting for your clothes to be weighed). One thing that surprised me; they lowered down the laundry fee from RM2.50/kg to RM2.00/kg soon after fuel price revision by government. Others? Huh, still being selfish as usual. By saying that, I have to applaud Dobi Kleen for their kindness and great services. You could easily identify this shop; it is located near to surau, along Jalan Madrasah.

To be resumed in Part II… Stay tuned !

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  1. kedai fakin is teh bez.. nice food, especiallt if kemal or ajil belanja

  2. vivre13/01/2009 @ 9:47 pm

    Haha, fakin dah kureng sket skang… tomyam dia dah tak kick.. my view solely based on how delicious the tomyam is 🙂

    so guys, pls recommend me any good tomywam stall 😀

  3. citrus_medica30/04/2009 @ 9:03 am

    sokong effi..
    fakin is the best!!

  4. Ladyviral : Thks for doirppng by here. More cili padi more kick leh! Ha haVixar : Thks for doirppng by my blog. Cantonese style, love to eat maggi that way too…yummy!STP : Wah, Papa Mee….LOL, looking forward to try it. Thks, Bro!Dr. Davon : Thks for the compliment. Thks for doirppng by here. Would be a pleasure to visit your blog. CU there! Cheers!Karin : Thks for doirppng by here. Ya, I don’t sweat when eating hot food unless the wheather is real hot. No wonder eating hot food can lose weight, just like in sauna! LOL

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