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Kembali Sesat?

By vivre in blablabla

Have been away from office and home (read:taman melati) for more than a week, that means I could not get my daily dosage of internet 🙁
So, first thing that I did after putting my bags and msg’ing her, was firing up my rig!

Update #1: Naruto #92 is available.. cayalahh ! 🙂 edited: downloaded and watched
Update #2: My maksu dropped her comment in previous post.. lol (where’s paksu though? ciss)
Update #3: Lots of office emails… 🙁
Update #4: Friends requests in FB 😀
Update #5: This thing !!! (refer below, ceywah!)

Lost is back !! (Kembali sesat, literally..)

LOST Season 5 is backk !! I have been waiting for this season since their cliff-hanging finale of Season 4. Well done !! Hence, the title “kembali sesat”. Seriously, you need to watch all episodes from all seasons, otherwise you will seriously lost!! And perhaps, joining the anti-LOST fans afterward.

I am queuing lots of things for download.. and I need to get few hours of naps before heading back to Taiping. Miss my mom larr 🙁 Wish me safe journey guys! Hopefully, there wont be traffic jams lorr

p/s: Have fun there, dear! See ya in Feb k? =)

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  1. lor.sesat ke.tah bile la sy nak sesat pulak ;p nnt tlg sesatkan sy ye.atau kte sesat bersame2 ;p heart u

  2. Bes tau wak 😉
    Ok, nnt sy sesatkan awk ;p
    Heart u too.. 😉

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