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Great Job LLM !

By vivre in personal experience

I love driving at night,particularly after the clock strikes 1200 am. Of course I need to get one or two hours of sleep prior to that πŸ™‚ I don’t know, it just that my mind and eyes tend to be much more fresher as opposed to driving during daylight. Am I a Dracula ? Haha

But, for this year’s CNY, thing did not go as planned. Flight from Kuantan to KL on Friday, was fully booked, so I have to stay one more night at Kuantan πŸ™ Consequently, I missed my favorite hours of driving.

As I was about to start moving, headline at TheStar (TS) website put me into complete stop. There was massive jam in North South Expressway at Slim River area (where the highway lanes reduce from comfortable three to narrow two.. arghh

“Whoaa… Traffic updates.. This is something new. But, it was one hour ago.. jam lagi ke skang neh.. Bila next update neh.. Eh, TheStar neh sent their reporter lepak2 tepi highway ker? “

Rupa2nya, TS got their newsfeed from Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia (LLM) like what other radio station does (I guess lah). I quickly looked up for the website and the page loaded like it was loaded on 56K line (can’t blame them though, this website is surely swarmed by visitors). Driven my by impatient, I made a call to them.

“Selamat petang, Incik”

“Selamat petang. Saya bercadang nak bertolak ke Taiping, tp nak tau dulu keadaan trafik PLUS ke arah Utara lahh. Boleh tolong tak ya?”

“Boleh encik, sebentar ya”

Wahhhhh, bagus betul πŸ˜€

“Encik, keadaan trafik agak teruk di kawasan Slim River.. Deretan kereta sepanjang 3 km”

“3KM ? Hoho, takpe laa, sy nap dulu laa cam tue. Trima kasih ya”

“Sama sama Encik. Terima kasih kerana menghubungi LLM”

4 hours after that, I resumed my stalled journey.. and, Alhamdulillah there was no more jam near Slim River πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, the was another massive jam near to Simpang Pulai toll πŸ™ and it has extended my typical 3 hours trip to Taiping, to almost 6 hours. πŸ™

Nevertheless, I would say “thumbs up” for LLM for setting up hotline and preparing traffic updates at their website. Having said that, I highly recommend you guys to give them a call should you guys require some traffic updates lah. Btw, their hotline number: 1 800 88 7752

See, you could even monitor traffic condition around KL :)

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  1. A wonderful article…. In my life, I have never seen a man be so selfless in helping others around him to get along and get working.

  2. Great article, again. These informations are especially useful …

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