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By vivre in anime, product review

As expected in Fansubbing wall, as one group retires, another one will take over. Few years ago, [ANBU-AonE] was the first group that provides subbed Naruto to the fans around the globe. Then, came in [A-H] and [TW], but it didn’t stay long enough as [DB] or Dattebayo was formed from some former members of [A-H]. These groups kept on providing subbed Naruto until Naruto has been licensed, which resulted in [ANBU-AonE] pulling out from the arena.

Ever since, Dattebayo has been providing the HIGH QUALITY subbed Naruto to all Naruto fans around the world.

And, recently DB has decided to quit after Naruto Shiipuden #91 (ironically, they started at #91 too). HorribleSubs steps in and warmly welcomed by most people. I, myself has watched their subbed and I would like to say thanks to HS for the episode! =) As DB distributed their subbed Naruto in AVI format, HS has different style; they packed in MKV, with 480p and 1080p resolution (MKV rocks btw ;p). These are some of the differences that one can notice between #91 and #92:

1. Karaoke
Dattebayo - Karaoke HorribleSubs - Karaoke

2. Naruto Title
Dattebayo - Naruto Title HorribleSubs - Naruto Title

3. Fansubber’s Remark
Dattebayo - Fansubber's Remark HorribleSubs - Fansubber's Remark

4. Episode Title
Dattebayo - Episode Title HorribleSubs - Episode Title

5. Typography
Dattebayo - Typography HorribleSubs - Typography

All in all, there are lots of rooms for improvement for HS. Anyway it is still great effort and I really appreciate their effort. Thanks to them, I would be able to get my weekly dosage of Naruto, as usual, despite DB’s decision to quit.

p/s: Just cleared one partition of my harddisk so that I could install Windows 7 Beta. Hopefully everything will turn out to be OK. *cuak2*

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